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Often beginners get confused when trying to pick the best WordPress plugins among so many that are available. We frequently get questions like what is the best plugin for SEO, Social Media, Performance, etc. Unlike other sites, SokoRadar test and review the plug-ins and offer step by step installation guides to make your wordpress life easier. We know that everyone hates Top 10 Word-Press plugins list, so we have taken a different approach. We thought it more beneficial to our readers if we explained the purposes a plugin can serve and how best it has helped sites grow in revenue or eased the design process. In that way you will easily find the best plugin that will serve you satisfactorily – click here to see the latest from sokoradar

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how to create tables in wordpress

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Types of websites to build in Kenya today

When you are deciding why you should use WordPress, Most often asked question is “can WordPress do a good a website? The answer is actually is Yes. In this ...

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