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These are the terms and conditions you get bound to when you start using services at SokoRadar


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By using our website (https://www.sokoradar.co.ke) you agree to be bound by our terms of use which include:

  1. Users are allowed to use our content for personal use only as we believe this is the reason as to why SokoRadar was created. 
  2. You are not allowed to plagiarize nor copy our work at SokoRadar for any reasons.
  3. SokoRadar is not liable for any malfunctioning of a third party product purchased through this website. 
  4. For any dispute, please use our contact page section to reach us. Ensure that you read our review process to build confidence in using our site.
  5. SokoRadar has the right to alter the terms and condition put on this page anytime whenever need arise. Ensure you check back from time to time.

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