19 places to get paid testing websites, over $80 per site

Take a moment and think of this; you are seated in your bedsitter with your laptop and you are enjoying a stable internet connection.

Then all-over of a sudden you see an email popping up asking you to test a website in 30 minutes and get paid $80!

Won’t that be an easy task to take like daily? All you need is a computer, an internet connection and be able to communicate in English.

The job tasks include things like you getting the link to the website that you have been asked to review. You then will browse through pages to see the designs and spellings.

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You also may need to create an account and even make fake purchases to ascertain the smooth loading and transaction during checkout. You also read test emails to ensure that they really are what would be expected to be viewed by customers when the website goes live.

You even don’t have to be an expert at this, Just know how to browse that is all. Now, if you feel like I am about to share value with you then bookmark this page so that you can always check back to it in the future. You don’t want to miss anything.

Let me present the list to you so that you can start making money online by testing and reviewing websites.

But before we get started, ensure you do the following things first if you have never done them before:-

Where to test websites

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Great, let us now dive into this exclusive list of sites that have opportunities to get paid testing websites. Let us get started.

19-websites that will pay you to review websites

1. Ferpection

With Ferpection, you can earn money by completing missions via your mobile, tablet, or desktop device. I recently did a test with them that took 45-minutes, and it paid $25.

The thing I like about Ferpection, is you’re not recorded via audio or video. You simply take screenshots and answer text-based questions. Payments are made via PayPal on the last Friday of each month.

2. Checkealos


Get paid to test websites for Cheakealos. Feedback sessions last 15 minutes, and you’ll be paid €8 for each session. This opportunity is open worldwide; you just need a PayPal account, a PC, smartphone, or tablet, a good internet connection, and the capability to speak in English or Spanish.

3. Loop11


Loop11 is an Australian-based company that occasionally takes submissions for paid website testers. You must complete a 5-minute qualification test to prove your suitability.

There’s not a lot of information on pay, but their website says that they pay above-average rates and bonuses. They also claim to work with companies like IBM, JPMorgan Chase and Go Daddy.

According to the Founder’s LinkedIn profile, Loop11 has been in business since 2009.

4. Enroll

Make money by testing out websites. To enroll in the program submit your email address, password, and pick your preferred method of testing (desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone).

Once you’re fully registered, you’ll receive emails when assignments are ready for you. Tasks vary in nature, as does the pay. I did one job that took less than a minute, and it paid .10 cents. Enroll makes payments via PayPal.

5. IntelliZoomPanel


IntelliZoomPanel is a company that conducts website usability tests for desktop and mobile devices. Tests pay $2 for simple surveys and $10 for video submissions.

Most tests take between 10-20 minutes to complete, and they issue payments via PayPal 21 business days after the completion of the study.

6. Intuit User Research

Intuit User Research

Test out web products like Intuit’s TurboTax, QuickBooks, Mint, and their ProConnect products like ProSeries and Lacerte. Tell test givers what you like and don’t like about the products.

Studies range from 30 minutes to two hours, and for each 30-minute interval you complete, you’ll earn a $50 Visa Rewards Card. Most studies are done remotely through the BlueJeans web conferencing tool, although they also have some face-to-face studies too.

7. PingPong


Get paid to test websites and apps through PingPong. According to their website, you can earn €10-€100 for each interview. Payments are made seven days after the interview, and payments are distributed via Transerwise or PayPal.

You must have a working computer with a webcam, but otherwise, this opportunity is open to worldwide residents.

8. Respondent


Respondent is a research study platform that conducts surveys, focus group studies, and website testing gigs. To start, create an account using your email address, Facebook, or LinkedIn account.

Then fill in your contact information, demographics, and employment status. Once everything is complete, you can start browsing projects and apply for ones that sound appealing to you.

At the time of writing this post, there was one website testing gig that paid $40 for 20-minutes, and another that paid $100 for 60-minutes.

With Respondent, you’ll need to log in and check the status of pending projects.

9. TestingTime

Earn up to €50 per study. Studies are conducted via Skype and usually take 30-90 minutes. Once the study is completed, you’ll get paid within 5-10 days via PayPal.

Testing Time is open to global residents who have an internet connection and Skype installed on a computer.

10. test IO

With test IO, you get paid for testing websites, apps, and games, and you earn $50 when you find a glitch or a bug within the platform if it’s a critical issue, you’ll earn even more.

If you don’t find any bugs, you can also make money from rating apps. test IO pays out monthly using PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill, or bank transfer. test IO was founded in 2011 and has offices in San Francisco and Berlin.

11. TryMyUI

Earn $10 for 15-20 minutes of your time. To become part of the TryMyUI team, first sign up for an account. Next, you’ll need to take and pass a qualification test.

The qualification test is a sample test that shows you understand the process and requirements. After you qualify, opportunities come via email. TryMyUI issues payments biweekly via PayPal.

12. Userbrain

Earn money by speaking your thoughts while doing a series of tasks at Userbrain. Each project takes approximately 5-20 minutes, and you’ll make $5 per test via PayPal. Payments are distributed weekly.

13. UserCrowd

On UserCrowd, you quickly take design surveys to help make products and websites better. Most tests pay 1-2 credits per answer, and each credit is worth $0.10. Once you reach 100 credits ($10.00), you can request payment via PayPal.

I haven’t tried this one yet, but one user said that he thought you could probably earn $100 in a year’s time using this platform.

14. Userfeel

Earn $10 for providing your thoughts on various websites. To become a website tester, register for an account, and take a sample test.

Once your sample is approved, you’ll start getting assignments by email. Payments are made via PayPal at the end of each week, and tests take approximately 10-20 minutes each.

15. Validately


Validately hires testers to complete mobile and website tests for companies. Payments vary depending on the scope of the study, but according to their website, most tests pay $10 per 10-15 minutes of your time.

For live studies, expect a minimum of $40 for 30 minutes and $70 for 60 minutes. Validately makes payments via PayPal within seven business days of the test.

16. Userlytics

Make money for providing feedback on websites, apps, prototypes, concepts, and more. To apply, register for an account and then wait for an invite to complete an assignment.

Once you’ve done your task, you’ll be paid via PayPal anywhere from $5-$90, depending on the scope of the project you worked on.

17. UserTesting

Earn $10 for each 20-minutes of work and $30-$120 for live interviews. To become a website tester, submit your email address and complete your application online.

Aspiring testers must take a sample test before receiving any assignments. This gig is open to the US and International residents who can receive payments via PayPal. Each test takes approximately 20 minutes.

18. uTest

uTest hires independent contractors for quality assurance testing for various software and hardware. According to their job posting on Dice, their customers include brands like Google, Amazon, Netflix, and more.

To start, fill out their online application; it takes approximately 10 minutes. Next, you’ll take an audition test to showcase your tech skills.

Once those are complete, you’ll wait for website testing assignments. I wasn’t able to find how much testers make, but a past job listing on Dice.com said, “In 2016 alone, we paid out over $20 million to QA testers worldwide.”

19. User Interviews

User Interviews

With User Interviews, you can make money for user tests, surveys, online interviews, diary studies, focus groups, and online studies.

The amount you’ll earn varies on the length and type of study, but at the time of writing this post, the earning range was from $20-$1,500 per study! According to their website, it takes most users less than a day to qualify for a study.

Currently, User Interviews accepts participants from the US, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Germany, France, and the UK.

Our final thoughts

Now, if you’re anything like me, you’re multiplying how many tests you can complete in an hour and how much you’re going to make. But hold your horses!

These opportunities are extremely popular! Statistically, there are fewer customers than testers, so don’t expect to be completing three tests every hour on the hour.

Despite the fact that you won’t get rich testing websites, but you still will make wealth. You can do the following to increase your earning potentials.

1. Sign up with as many website testing companies as possible.

2. Be sure that you’re taking advantage of practice and sample testing opportunities, as many companies will only allow you a couple of times to pass their test.

3. Always make sure to turn in your best possible work, as many companies rate their testers, and those with higher scores tend to get more and better-paying gigs.

4. While you’re waiting for these companies to email you with test opportunities, be sure to add short tasks,  and digital earning tasks to your routine — this will ensure that you have a constant pipeline of work and income coming in.

I wish you all the best in your journey towards financial freedom.

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