How to buy flash sales in Kenya

you must have tried to buy flash sales in kenya on jumia/ kilimall or any other online mall and missed them that why you are reading this post mhm… No hard feelings, you are not alone. 

Or by the way, let me assume you do not know anything about flash sales. And so, I will explain.

What are flash sales?

I will put in quite a very simple way for the lay person to understand. Have you ever shopped on jumia? Am referring to the jumia Kenya website. … Have you? If Yes, Then have you ever seen a product on the site with a count down like – remaining 00:4:59 Sec and the count is reducing? 

Good that is a flash sale. …

Or visit our home page to see the deals of the day for ease of understanding.

To be precise, flash sales are quality products online malls sale at a very discounted price but available at a very limited time. 

One most interesting flash sale was when Jumia sold an iPhone worth Ksh. 100,000 at 1 bob. Oh yes… 1 Kenyan shillings. I already can hear some one gasping like wow!

Just the same way you did, also another reader just did the same and that is supposed to mean that these offers are up to demand and succeeding to order one needs some skill.

You do not have to keep complaining of online malls playing foul on you. Just do things the smart way…

How to successfully buy flash sales in kenya

This is how to successfully buy flash sales in kenya:

  • log into your shopping account (using browser or app if the site has one)
  • Ensure you set your delivery address location details.
  • Add enough funds to your preferred payment method account. I prefer using the push notification.
  • Open the app/ Website some minutes before the flash sale goes live.
  • Try adding the product to cart before time if possible
  • putting in mind that it is a competition, ensure you have a very stable internet and Phone or Computer.

Can agents on SokoRadar help you to buy flash sales in Kenya?

Well this entirely depends with your mutual agreement with the agent. Usually, the agents on SokoRadar are paid by respective malls, to help you make your orders and they do a very good job. Thanks to their zeal and passion for their work. But most malls won’t pay them for making flash sale orders. 

And by the way, some agents are the actual sellers of the displayed product at SokoRadar…

As it is the nature of any human being, you can not do such a brainy job for free of charge. And since malls like jumia do not allow agents to solicit direct money from customers but rather pay directly to the jumia official pay bill. Then you are advised to also learn and practice the above skills independently but always keep in touch for other daily discounted products as we hunt for the deals daily as the name suggests. #SokoRadar. 

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