This is how you can make money working for amazon from home

Since you are reading this post I will assume that you either want to make money working for amazon from home part-time or you are seeking a source of income to supplement your current pay. That is also a good idea. I got you covered.

Amazon is a multimillion company that any jobseeker could dream of working for in their offices or even online as long as they pay mhm! who cares? The giant online was launched in 1994 by Jeff Bezos. Since then.

The company has grown into a popular site to shop from globally. And also, it’s become a great company to work for.

They offer plenty of delivery and factory work options but also work from home opportunities as well. Amazon is continuing to grow and the company likely isn’t going away any time soon.

Apart from the above-mentioned opportunities, amazon also offers programs for online influencers to make an income from making sales. Also, if you are bored you can be engaged in doing some tasks on amazon.

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I hope you have done that. Let us get started with worked-at-home factory-based options …

Available factory options work from home jobs at amazon

As said earlier, amazon offers delivery and factory option-based jobs that you can apply and you could be considered. But since I am focused to not only present this post to residents close to the Amazon offices or stores. But also those away but have the expertise to deliver a service or two.

I will therefore discuss available online job opportunities at amazon that you can apply and if considered then get yourself a computer and all necessary devices needed to set an office at your home.

These kinds of jobs may need a previously well-built portfolio though in some instances amazon states that experience is not necessary. This is because Amazon does offer training on what they want you to do for them. You also are answerable directly to your senior at amazon.

Below are three opportunities we found out that you can apply and work at amazon while at home:-.

1. Customer Service Associate

As a virtual customer service associate, you will act as the first point of contact for customers by answering their queries through phone, chat, or email.

You will be responsible for resolving a wide variety of customer issues and educating them to resolve issues themselves. No previous contact center experience is necessary since amazon promises to offer training.

→ Click here to apply for a Customer Service Associate position ←

2. Virtual Communities moderator

As a virtual community moderator, you will be in charge of censoring reviews posted by amazon customers to the Amazon website.

You will guard the site against inappropriate content (e.g. illegal or sexually explicit content) and off-topic content (e.g. shipping, seller experience) to preserve trust among shoppers.

→ Click here to apply for a virtual Communities moderator position ←

3. Virtual Customer service (Group manager)

As a virtual customer support group manager, you will ensure that associates are supported to deliver a world-class experience. The role will require you to ensure your Team Manager’s priorities remain focused on supporting their associates.

To enable team managers to focus on supporting their people, you will oversee the operational delivery of the teams you lead. Additionally, this role is based on a virtual customer support site, and it will require you to engage and motivate teams in a fast-paced customer service environment.

→ Click here to apply for a virtual customer service position ←

It is good to note that amazon updates its job vacancy page occasionally so you can always be checking in from time to time.

Amazon Salaries

Amazon tends to offer employees a competitive rate that exceeds the minimum wage. Entry-level customer service reps earn a little less than others bringing in about $11 (Ksh.1,100) an hour. According to PayScale, some of the management and senior Amazon positions can easily earn between $60,000 (Ksh. 6M) and $150,000 (Ksh. 15M) a year!

Make money online working for amazon as an own boss

working for amazon as an own boss

If you dislike being hired on temporal job opportunities advertised by Amazon and working under someone. Then you may consider these options to work as an own boss though, you still will get paid by amazon.

1. Amazon Influencer Program

If you have a large following on social media, consider looking into the Amazon Influencer Program. To be an Amazon influencer you have to have a YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter account.

They do want you to have a certain amount of followers and you can check if you qualify through their website.

YouTube and Twitter are real-time approval, but Facebook and Instagram could take up to 5 days to check and approve your account.

If you have an audience outside of the United States, you can still get credit for sales in some areas.  You earn a commission every time an item you refer to your following is shipped.

→ Join the Amazon influencer program←

2. Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon has its own version of a way for businesses to hire crowd workers to complete simple tasks. MTurk is a place for a business to turn if they get overwhelmed and need some tasks done.

There is where you can come in handy by completing some short tasks for extra cash.

Some tasks you might be asked to do involve researching data details, content moderation, and data deduplication, and transcribe audio recordings.

The more tasks you complete, the more you’ll get paid. Work has to be approved by whoever requested you to do it then you are eligible to complete it and get paid. You can be paid in either Amazon gift cards or bank transfers.

→ Click here to get started with Amazon MTurk ←

3. Sell on Amazon

Another great way to earn on Amazon that you probably already know about is selling your items. You can create a seller account here. This is a paid service and you have two options. You can either pay $0.99 for each item you sell or $39.99 per month for an unlimited amount of items.

You may also use this page to create a seller account to help find more selling options available on Amazon.

4. Amazon associate program

Amazon associate program is the most popular option amongst most online influencers. It actually works like any other affiliate program where you get served with a general referral link to use to promote amazon products.

You also can generate either a direct product link or search results referral link using its internal affiliate link generator.

When the Amazon Associates Program launched in 1998, there weren’t many easy, affordable ways for Internet entrepreneurs to make money online. But as Amazon has expanded its product line, the ability to make income from Amazon has become easier due to its huge customer base, and credibility.

Like any other home-based money-making scheme, earning an income with Amazon requires research, work, and marketing. Below is a step-by-step guide to creating an associate account (if in Kenya).

Step 1: Sign up for an amazon account

First, you will be required to create an amazon account. By clicking here you will be taken to the amazon associate signup page. Then click on the Sign-up button. (If you already have an amazon account then sign in to start creating an associates account).

amazon associate program
Step 2: Create an account

Now if you will need to create an amazon account. So click on create account button as shown below.

create amazon account
Step 3: Complete form

Complete the amazon registration form by filling in your correct details as shown below and then click on the button. Use an active email since you will have to verify it.

Step 4: Verify your amazon account

You will receive a one-time verification code sent to your email. Find it then enter the code in this box to complete creating an amazon account and get started creating an associates account.

verify amazon account

How to create an amazon associates account

Once you have created an Amazon account, you will automatically be redirected to the associates’ sign-up page.

Step 1. Fill sign up form

Ensure you complete this form accurately with your details as they should appear on the check. Your address should be precise. In Kenya, you may use your postal address as your address. Once you are done, click on the next button. Associate signup

Step 2: Marketing platform 

You will now be required to tell amazon where you will be promoting their products. Amazon’s associate program is mainly for bloggers and app developers or app owners. At this point, you will type your website, blog link, or link to your app in the respective bar then click on add button.

You may add several links depending on the sites or apps you own and you have the rights to verify ownership. And you would like to make them make money for you from the amazon associate program. Once you are done, click on the Next button.

set up profile

Now you will need to tell amazon which category of internet users use your website. The question asked is quite technical. I chose No for this case.

confirm audience
Step 3: Set up your profile

The next step will require setting up your personal profile. Select what best describes your blog/ or app. Choose your blog traffic levels, pass the capture test.  Agree to terms and conditions and then click on the finish button.

set up profile
Step 4: Log into your account

It was that easy creating your amazon associate program. Once you click on the finish button, as shown above, You will be met with another window with your affiliate ID. Click on the Now button to complete your final step.

finish up

You will now be required to log into your amazon associate account using your previously created password and email or user ID.

Step 6: Verify your phone number

Once you are logged into your account, Amazon will again require that you verify the phone number linked to the associate’s program. therefore, select your country and then enter your phone number in the box. then click on Send OTP button.

send otp

Now you can enter the OTP code you received in your phone messages inbox and then click on the continue button

verify account

After the code is verified, you will need to set your mode of payment. Select pay me by check then click on submit button to proceed to tax information.

When filling the tax form, Choose non-USA options and provide your Tax Payer Identification Number (TIN) if you have one. When done, submit the form. You will be asked to sign the form. Type in your name or initials and then click on submit button to submit the tax form.

Finally, click on the exit interview button. This will take you into your amazon associate’s dashboard. Congratulations, you can now generate links and promote Amazon products.

Amazon associates dashboard

Pros of joining the Amazon Associate program

There are several great reasons to join the Amazon Associates program, including:

  • Amazon is a highly visited, well-known name that people use and trust every day.
  • It’s free to join.
  • There are no traffic thresholds or other metrics you need to be accepted into the program.
  • There are tons and tons of products you can promote.
  • Amazon has many tools to help you sell specific items or a category of items.
  • There is a good reporting system so you know what’s getting clicks and what’s selling.
  • You can receive direct deposit payments into your bank account (Europe-based only).
  • Amazon offers good customer service to its buyers, so you reduce the risk of having your visitors get mad at you if they have a problem with the product.
  • Even if your visitor doesn’t buy the product you referred, if they buy something on that visit, you earn a commission

Cons of the Amazon Associates Program

Nothing is ever perfect, including the Amazon affiliate program. Here are a few downsides:

  • The commission rate is relatively low compared to other affiliate programs, 1% to 10% depending on the items. It offers flat-rate for the bounty programs, such as $15 for business account sign-ups, $3 for Prime referrals, and $5 for Audible referrals.1
  • Their cookies only last 24-hours. That means if your referral doesn’t buy within 24 hours, you won’t get credit. (However, if the product is added to their cart, the cookie lasts 89 days.)
  • You’re not allowed to send Amazon affiliate links in emails. That includes blog posts that get sent as an email. Since email is an excellent way to send great offers to your readers, this rule is particularly disappointing.
  • Payment options are only through direct deposit, check, or Amazon gift card. There’s no PayPal nor Skrill option.

Our final thoughts on how you can make money working for amazon

Amazon is an established company, thanks to its great customer support. Its growth has created a dire need for more and more manpower hence creating more job opportunities.

Above are the opportunities you would love to get your hands on. If you are a complete beginner, I would recommend you check out those listed under make money working for Amazon as an own boss.  

We will continue to update this article to ensure that you receive fresh content always.

For more about smart money-making tips, we recommend that you check this assorted post by clicking here.

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