Best LG TVs to buy in 2020

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Best LG TVs to buy in 2020
Best LG TVs to buy in 2020
KSh 40,850.00

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LG releases a lot of TVs every year, probably more than any other manufacturer. Most of them are inexpensive, but they rarely offer good value compared to their competition. Over the past few years, LG has become known for their OLED and IPS LCD TVs. Their OLEDs are especially notable for being the first of their kind to be widely distributed. In this post we help you in finding the best lg tvs to buy in 2020

In the past past few months, there has been much testing, prodding, and evaluating the the best and latest LG sets, however, given an insight into how the new sets compare to each other. With that in mind, we’ve brought together this guide to the best LG TVs you can buy in 2020, whether you’re after a premium OLED TV, a budget alternative, or a straight-up LED set.

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Best LG TVs at a glance


The best LG 4k TV is the LG C9 OLED. Like any TV in their OLED lineup, there’s no backlighting and it can switch off individual pixels, so it displays perfect blacks.

It displays a wide color gamut and has good color volume for HDR content, but unfortunately, it only has decent HDR peak brightness so it can’t bring out vivid colors the way it should.

Along with its perfect contrast ratio, it has outstanding viewing angles, so you can place this TV in a wide seating arrangement and not lose any image accuracy. 

Why buy: ♦ Image remains accurate when viewed from the side. ♦ Nearly instantaneous response time and very low input lag

Downside ♦ Nearly instantaneous response time and very low input lag.

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LG SM9500

If you’re worried about permanent burn-in risk and prefer having a LED TV, then the LG SM9500 can be your option. It delivers a good picture quality. It has fantastic out-of-the-box color accuracy, which is good news if you don’t want to get your TV calibrated.

It supports HDR10 and Dolby Vision, and since it can display a wide color gamut and has excellent HDR peak brightness, colors look vivid and highlights pop in HDR content.

If you’re looking for a LED TV instead of an OLED, this is a good choice.

Why buy: ♦ Can get very bright. ♦ Image remains accurate at an angle. ♦ Very low input lag.

Downside: Blacks look gray in a dark room.

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LG UM7340

If you are looking for the best lg tv to buy in 2020 that is budget friendly then this Lg UM7340 should be your best pick.

This LCD TV uses an IPS panel and is good for most uses, with remarkably low input lag, wide viewing angles, and great reflection handling.

Why buy: ♦ Outstanding low input lag. ♦ Image remains accurate when viewed at an angle.

Downside: HDR doesn’t add much.

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Bottom line

With so many outstanding TV brands out there, why should you choose LG over the rest?

Firstly, LG has become the poster child for today’s OLED TVs, as a major supplier of OLED panels to its competitors like Panasonic, Sony, or Hisense.

LG’s OLED sets tend to have a slightly warmer ‘pop’ to colors than some competitors, but the difference is pretty small unless you’re looking for it.

Samsung also doesn’t make OLED sets, preferring to push its range of QLED (quantum dot) televisions: ultra-bright LED panels that use a metallic filter to enhance color and contrast without suffering from OLED’s dim output.

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