Jumia pickup stations in my area

Both agent and shopper, you must know where jumia pickup stations are nation wide if not then, in your locality. Did you ever learn something on the factors to consider when buying a home? 

My teacher mentioned something like security, drainage, distance to a health facility and many more. And did you know that, that part of many more, in there is distance to a jumia pickup station? I can hear some one laughing…

Let me explain this. Currently the further you are from jumia pickup stations, the higher the transport cost (but Jforce agents try to cut that cost as much as possible). However, Jumia is working day and night to open more pickup stations across the country.

That is to mean that, in this post I will provide you with a link to the jumia pickup stations page so that you never miss out on the updates. You can always use the link to check from time to time if your current location is covered.

If you are a jumia agent, it is important for you to be vast with this pickup stations so as you may know where exactly the customer can come pick there orders. I wan’t to believe you have at some point bumped into this question. “do you have a branch here?”

Next time do not guess, use the link below and be sure when responding to your clients:

→Click here to view jumia pick-up stations in Kenya ←

You can always click on the view map icon below each station . This will redirect you to google map live view.

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